The Cartilaze process involves using a laser to gently heat the cartilage. The laser handpiece incorporates a chilled tip which both numbs and protects the skin, making the treatment virtually painless and with minimal side effects and complications. The whole experience feels like having an ice cube repeatedly pressed against your ear.

The controlled heating generated by the laser induces a healing process that causes the cartilage tissue to produce new cells. These new cartilage cells remain pliable until they mature (about 3 weeks). The ear is maintained into its desired shape until the cells have matured using a custom-built Trellis.

The best analogy for the Trellis is to think of it as a retainer for ears. It fits snuggly behind the ear and is very discreet.

The first patients were treated in Europe in 2006. Since then, many more have benefited from Cartilaze and 4 clinical papers have been published in American Medical Journals. All patients achieved ear correction with no anesthesia, no pain, with minimal discomfort and side effects and no long-term complications. The last study demonstrated that the improvement was maintained 4 years after the treatment, confirming that results are permanent.

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