ChondroGenesis, Inc. was founded for the purpose of bringing a new, non-invasive process to market for the treatment of ear cartilage shape disorders. ChondroGenesis has developed a non-surgical process to produce new soft cartilage, which is allowed to heal in the desired shape using a comfortably-designed proprietary system. This uniquely new process, called Cartilaze™, is used to correct ear deformations, which are currently being corrected via complex surgical methods. ChondroGenesis will market Cartilaze to medical professionals world wide.

The Cartilaze process is non-invasive, requiring no anesthesia and eliminating all the downsides associated with current techniques. It is completely painless, with no side effects or downtime and can be performed by a nurse or Medical Assistant, freeing the time of the surgeon, which would allow additional revenue generation. The Cartilaze process is effective in treating 80% of all ear deformations. ChondroGenesis has completed and published a number of clinical studies demonstrating the efficacy of Cartilaze. Publications are available upon request.

The founders of ChondroGenesis include:

  • Jack Savage, co-founder, CEO, and Chairman with a successful 28-year track record of bringing new laser and other medical device technologies to successful commercialization having over 20 years medical laser product and clinical development experience. Mr. Savage is an expert at creating revenue, profit, and market-share growth for companies serving medical marketplace. As CEO and President, he has been a catalyst for dynamic growth at five different companies –starts-ups, early-stage technology pioneers, and others well established but needing the visionary leadership to reach the next level of success.

  • Serge Mordon, co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer is a Director of Interventional Therapies Assisted by Image and Simulation at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research. Since 1981, he has been involved in medical applications of lasers, particularly in dermatology and plastic surgery. More recently, he has focused his research on laser-assisted cartilage reshaping and Photodynamic Therapy. He is an internationally recognized expert in laser-tissues interaction and laser applications in medicine. He has authored over 220 articles and book chapters, is the author of ten issued patents, an associate editor of the editorial board for the journal, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, and has received numerous international awards including the 2002 « Trophée Entrepreneur Scientifique » from Eurasanté, Ducray Laser 2003 prize”, at the congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology and the 2006 the prestigious Caroline and William Mark Memorial Award from the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.
  • Pascal Servell, co-founder, V.P. of Business and clinical Development directs traffic at the crossroads between Clinicians, Engineers and Marketers. He is an expert at identifying and bringing to market new technology. Pascal has been in the Medical laser industry for over 20 years so has extensive contacts both in the US and internationally and has an intimate knowledge of medical markets worldwide.

  • If you are interested in learning more about Cartilaze, please contact us at: (801) 942-4590 or email us.