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Introducing Cartilaze

Until now, the only way to treat deformed ears was with an invasive surgery called Otoplasty. Procedures were performed under general anesthesia with significant pain, downtime, and high potential for complications. Not anymore!

ChondroGenesis, Inc. was founded for the purpose of bringing to market a new, non-invasive process for the treatment of ear cartilage shape disorders. ChondroGenesis has developed a non-surgical process using a laser to stimulate the body to produce new soft cartilage, which is then maintained in its desired shape using a proprietary, patient-specific, custom-made Trellis, until the new cartilage hardens. This new and unique process is expected to become the New Standard of Care and replace most invasive cosmetic ear surgery procedures (currently the only option available). ChondroGenesis will market its product to medical professionals in US and world markets.

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Cartilaze Anterior Treatment

Before-After Cartilaze Otoplasty Treatment

If you are interested in learning more about the Cartilaze system, please contact ChondroGenesis at: (801) 942-4590 or email us.